• Artisan Raw | Low Fat Meal

Artisan Raw | Low Fat Meal


Artisan Raw | Low Fat Meal

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Our latest blend designed for senior dogs, cats or any dogs suffering from obesity, EPI, Pancreatitis or IBD. Also suitable for Cats. High in omega acids, double the vegetables as well as being low in fat to provide 100% complete nutrition with no supplementation necessary. Ingredients: Wild Salmon with Bone, Grass Fed Beef, Beef Offals (Green Tripe,Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Spleen), Leafy Greens, Seaweed, Red Peppers, Apples, Wild Blueberries, Whole Eggs with Shell, Chicken Feet and Turmeric.

Each case is sold as 18 lbs and is approximately 72 pucks.
Artisan Raw is purposefully formulated with human grade ingredients. All meals are made in a 4 oz individual puck designed for easy measurement. The pucks are individually frozen for easy selection, no prying, no cutting and no mess.
Never any artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, colorants, grain, gluten or fillers added.

Easy Feed Guide

2 - 3 % of body weight
5 - 10 % of body weight

Start with one puck per 10 lbs of dog per day and scale back according to activity level. Please note these are guidelines. Activity will increase or decrease your dogs food consumption. Always consult your veterinarian for pregnant and nursing dogs

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