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Blue | Basics | LID | Lamb  

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BLUE Basics Grain-Free Lamb Recipe is a limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities some dogs experience, while maximizing the nutritional value they receive. And because it's BLUE, it's made with only the finest natural ingredients such as tasty, protein-rich, deboned Lamb. Potatoes are also used for an easily-digestible carbohydrate source. For dogs that show signs of being sensitive to some of the ingredients used in traditional pet foods, less may be more. BLUE Basics is made without corn, wheat, dairy, soy or eggs and is 100% grain and gluten-free.

All BLUE dry foods are made with the unique combination of the finest natural ingredients and our exclusive antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits.  Choose from BLUE Life Protection formula, meat-rich BLUE Wilderness, grain-free BLUE Freedom or limited ingredient BLUE Basics—in a variety of delicious recipes for dogs of all breed sizes.

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