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Royal Canin | BHN | Golden Retriever


Royal Canin | BHN | Golden Retriever

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Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult is for Golden Retrievers over 15 months old. Targeted nutrients help promote an ideal body condition and strengthen skin, while providing a strong, glossy coat. Tailor-made for their unique jaw, the ciabatta-bun shaped kibble's size and texture promote grasping and chewing one kibble at a time. Nutritional support aids in appetite control and promotes fat burning and lean muscle mass. Taurine, Omega 3s (EPA and DHA), L-carnitine and Antioxidants support the health and proper functioning of the heart, providing your Golden Retriever with tailor-made nutrition.

In 2008, Royal Canin launched a state-of-the-art kibble manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario and three years later introduced a fully operational laboratory supporting all Royal Canin North American plants as well as facilities in Argentina and Brazil in one location. 


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