• Zignature | Dog GF | Salmon 25LB

Zignature | Dog GF | Salmon 25LB


Zignature | Dog GF | Salmon 25LB

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Zignature's Salmon Formula is loaded with heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids lower blood triglyceride levels, which in turn lowers overall body fat. Salmon is also packed with lean protein for building lean muscle mass and maintaining strong bones. Zignature's Salmon Formula is completely grain free, and that can help with dogs that have food sensitivities or allergies. They've also included plenty of antioxidants and low glycemic carbohydrates for a healthy, satisfied dog. Zignature Salmon Formula - Learned from Nature, Crafted to Perfection.

Unlike many commercially available pet foods which contain large amounts of simple carbohydrates as their first or second ingredient, Zignature® recipes are based on a limited ingredient, meat first philosophy. Meat or fish is always the main ingredient, backed by animal meal or fish meal as the second ingredient. And we only use low glycemic carbohydrates such as Chickpeas and Peas that also provide needed fiber. Our foods are guaranteed to contain only the finest wholesome ingredients, with no cheap fillers, providing superior nutrition and minimizing potential allergies.

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