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  • Go! | Sensitivity + Shine | LID | Duck

Go! | Sensitivity + Shine | LID | Duck



Go! | Sensitivity + Shine | LID | Duck

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Our GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe for Dogs is an all-new addition to the popular SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ line-up that features premium-quality duck as a single source of poultry protein and limited additional ingredients. Our GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ recipes are great for all dogs, but were formulated especially for dogs with specific dietary needs and food sensitivities.

So many pet food brands to choose from. So many questions that need answering, and so much to learn, so much to learn. Yup, choosing exactly the right food for your dog or cat can be challenging. We get it. So, we wanted to make it a bit easier for you, and tell you what makes Petcurean and our premium-quality recipes different from the pack.

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